Ann Arbor

School Board election: November 3, 2020. 

Non-partisan ballot

Jeff has been an advocate for openness and collaboration with the AAPS Community during his 1st term on the School Board.


Jeff Gaynor


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Career Educator

Jeff (with Kermit's help) was a classroom teacher, grades 1-8, for 38 years, 32 in AAPS.

With this experience and perspective, Jeff knows what works and what is empty rhetoric.

Board Experience

With his 3+ years on the School Board, and serving on 7 committees, Jeff has the background, knowledge and skills to analyze and advocate for effective education policies at both the district and state level.

Values & Beliefs

 * Principled & Committed

 * Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

 * Open & Transparent

 * Community & Collaboration

 * Valuing Equity & Diversity

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